Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

This is the first question we get asked, and it’s the most important consideration for many of our future clients. Rather than saying “it depends,” there are some factors to understand how we generate an estimate.

We need to know what are you trying to accomplish; increase qualified leads, improve customer service?
Who is your ideal client type?
Do you need unique functionality?

We can only provide a specific website cost once we have a thorough understanding of your business objectives and requirements via our questionnaire and follow-up conversation

In general, our projects fit into several tiers based on overall complexity, design fidelity, number of pages and timeframe.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) $1000
MVPs can take the form of a one-page website with several sections, or a small 3-5 page site with basic functionality such as a registration form. Even a one-page website can be a useful tool for lead generation.

Medium Size $3000+
Websites in this category range from 5-10 pages with additional functionality, e.g., registration forms, social media integration, blogs and video galleries.

Large Site 4500+
These typically include e-commerce websites with multiple categories and product types, landing and subpages, email marketing integration (MailChimp, Aweber), custom event tracking in Google Analytics.

Eflat operates with an iterative mindset, and as a result, we work with our clients to continually monitor site performance and user behavior to refine the user experience. This means that today’s one-page website can grow into a large one with features aligned to your users’ expectations.

All of our clients are provided with before launch and given 30 days of post-launch support and site hosting if required.

What's the typical project timeframe?

The majority of projects take 30 – 60 days from the initial kickoff meeting to launch. From experience, a lack of content, e.g., images, copy, video, etc. is the most significant impediment to delivery within this timeframe. 

Please note the timeframe also dependent on the timeliness of communication, holidays, number of rounds of revisions, etc.

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