James Clear – From Medium Posts to New York Times Best Selling Author

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A master of marketing

I want to present the author James Clear as an example of how to use your website as the hub of your online strategy. I first came across James Clear on Medium.com where he posts about behavioral improvements. His articles were popping up frequently in my feed, and his content on slowly creating new habits began to resonate with me. Although James writes on Medium, his content first appears on his website and email newsletter. This reinforces my belief that your website should drive content out to social media to bring users to your site.

On Medium, James is striving to create a direct relationship with the reader on his site and via email.

The power of email

On every article, there was a newsletter signup prompt, so I signed up and received a welcome email. It was more than the boilerplate ‘thank you for signing up and we promise not to spam you.’ James’ email let me know his mission is to help people build better habits, where I can find relevant information and I would be receiving additional articles and messages to onboard me on his community.

An onboarding email that goes beyond the usual Mailchimp welcome.

Email is a direct line to engaged fans like myself – without the worry of social feeds and algorithms that determine when and who sees your posts. James’ emails vary between new articles, a request to join a webinar, and updates to an upcoming project or appearance.

For months I’d been receiving tons of invaluable tips and lessons on improving myself so when James announced a pre-order for his new book Atomic Habits – I did so without even thinking about it. I was glad to support someone who I had grown to admire and provided me with value many times the cost of the book.

James’ playbook

  • Produce high performing content on popular sites such as Medium; his posts on Medium.com are popular with lots of claps and highlights.
  • At the end to each piece, he states new articles are published first on jamesclear.com
  • His website encourages you to sign up to his email newsletter.
  • The email newsletter provides updates on the book.
  • His Instagram account features select quotes from his new Atomic Habits book along with promo tour updates.
  • His website now offers the first chapter of his book for free – provided you signup for his newsletter.
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